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Resolve Conflict, L.L.C

Mediation, Parenting Plans, Seminars, Coaching and Consulting

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Resolve Conflict, L.L.C. is a service company offering in person, phone and online mediation services for all types of cases whether the case is filed in court or not. We also offer training on a variety of topics, company development programs, seminars as well as coaching and consulting. Resolve Conflict, L.L.C. has a strong commitment to diversity and handles all cases in the strictest confidence. Please note that this is not a site for legal advice.

We offer mediation and parenting plans by phone, online through SKYPE or in person for those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Although the fee for after hour mediation is slightly higher, we offer our services 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Mediations and parenting plans are scheduled and billed in 4 hour blocks of time. We accept online forms of payment.

We value diversity and will handle your case with confidentiality and respect for all parties. We do not give legal advice. We can not guarantee we can resolve your dispute but our experienced neutral mediator will work with the parties to facilitate communication. Our mediators are professionals although some are not attorneys. Each of our mediators is highly experienced, having completed training specific to each type of meditation and each with a minimum of five hundred mediations although most have completed over one thousand mediations.
Resolve Conflict, L.L.C.
Toll free fax (866) 617-8971
Skype us at resolveconflict
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International clients and inquiries please contact 877-9-2agree. Fees may apply for translation services during mediations or consulting.
Our site is currently undergoing changes and
updates. If the information you seek is not displayed please call us at 877-922-4733.